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David Thorpe

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With over 20 years of clinical work and having carried out thousands of treatments David  is one of London’s most experienced and knowledgable Five Element Acupuncture practitioners . He achieves great results by applying his clinical expertise and extensive training in a fluid and integrated manner.

If one word was to sum up his practise, it is “empowerment”, through helping patients achieve their desires and improving their emotional and physical well-being.

"I have been to see David for two separate courses of treatment. The first course was for back problems , which he sorted out successfully in a few sessions. The second course was for lack of energy and depression , which he also helped a great deal with.

David is an intelligent and sympathetic person and has great integrity and ability as a practitioner."

Mrs. S, London

 David  is recognised for his great success with fertility issues both natural and IVF support (including miscarriage prevention). He works diligently and with full respect often achieving a positive outcome in difficult cases. More often than not his new fertility patients are referrals from couples that he has worked with.

Over the years he has worked with good results on many conditions. As well as his fertility work his specialist areas are treating emotional issues, anxiety, panic attacks, low self esteem and depression.

Whether a person is diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome /ME or is simply exhausted or suffering with low energy he sees in many cases that their energy and well being improve. 

Other physical conditions that have responded very well to his treatments are back, shoulder or neck pain, various repetitive strain injuries, digestive disorders, and migraines/ headaches.

In addition to the Fertility work women's health is of particular relevance with good results achieved for menopausal symptoms, irregular periods (or where periods have stopped completely), painful periods and mood swings.


David Thorpe


M: 07949 150 682

Fully registered with The British Acupuncture Council

David is able to support the patients he works with in his ability to both relate to their needs and get to the core of what will help them.

Currently approximately 80% of his new patients are from referrals. While he readily admits there is no magical cure all he has a great success rate which is reflected in the testimonials that you see.

With fertility acupuncture - natural and IVF assistance - he has a 65% success rate. For those undertaking IVF he sees that it can double the success rate. Five Element acupuncture addresses underlying stress and emotional strain supporting people at a core level.

The initial consultation with him is very thorough and time well worth spent. He often can see things that is acting as a block to successful pregnancy  or a patients well being. He will make tailored recommendations so that the person is fully in a position to achieve their desired result. He accepts the person for whoever they are with no judgement.

David is a family man with children at school in Berkhamsted. He has high integrity and focus. Maintaining his own well being through Five Element Acupuncture, yoga, meditation, mindfulness, and mountain biking.

Central London Clinic

Wimpole Therapeutics

2 Wimpole Street (next to Harley St)

Marylebone (Mayfair/West end area)

London, W1G 0ED

The clinic is opposite Eat/Vito cafe and next-door to Baroni 077 clothes shop. Situated very near to Bond St and Oxford Circus tube stations.

Initial consultation/treatment:

  £140 (2 hours)

Follow up sessions:   £75 (up to 1 hour)

Hemel Hempstead Clinic

Hillcrest (opposite Roefields Close)

Felden Lane, Felden,

Hemel Hempstead, Herts, HP3 0BB.

Initial Consultation/treatment:

 £90 (2 hours)

Follow up sessions:  £50 (up to 1 hour)

Cancellation Policy:

A full charge will be incurred for all missed appointments or when less than 24 hours notice is given. For the central London Monday clinic any change to booking must be made no later than 6.00pm the Friday prior to the session.

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